In 1960 Trans-Atlantic Steamship Line services from New York to Europe were still going strong with almost daily sailings – Starting at $412.50 one-way first class on the Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth.


New York’s Liner Row – Early 1960s

The following are listings of schedules and minimum fares for Trans-Atlantic steamship service taken from the April 1960 issue of the Official Guide of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines. Even in April and May 1960 (less than fifty years ago) there was almost daily steamship service from New York to Europe.

Lines still operating included: American Export, Canadian Pacific, Cunard, Donaldson, Europe-Canada, French, Furness-Warren, Greek, Holland-America, Hamburg-Atlantic, Home, Italian, North German Lloyd, Norwegian America, Polish Ocean, Swedish America, United States Lines, Zim Lines and many more.

In the next decade, with the introduction of the 747, these liner services will have vanished with limited summer crossings from New York to Europe.


Trans-Atlantic Passenger Sailings (Eastbound) April-May 1960.


Trans-Atlantic Passenger Sailings (Westbound) June-July 1960.


Joint listing of First, Cabin and Tourist Class Fares – 1960.


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