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Hollywood to Honolulu, the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company…

Cruise History: New book published by the Steamship Historical Society of America features company founded by Harry Chandler, Los Angeles Times publisher, during the 1920s. Hollywood to Honolulu, the story of the Los Angeles Steamship Company by Martin Cox and Gordon Ghareeb. The authors spent 14 years researching the company (aka LASSCO) that offered cruises and liner service to the ... Read More »

When ships had passenger lists…

Cruise History: Looking back at passenger lists – “the bible” of travelers aboard the great liners and cruise ships. Passenger lists were given to all those booked aboard liners and cruise ships up until the 1970s. From Cunard to the French Line, the Lurline to the Queen Mary – these were an important source of information regarding who would be ... Read More »

RMS Titanic cruise to mark anniversary of ship’s fateful voyage.

Cruise History: The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic is to be marked with a cruise that will follow the ship’s original route.  Bookings for the historic cruise opened today – exactly 97 years after the Titanic was lost – with the departure date set for early April, 2012.  The Balmoral, operated by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, ... Read More »

End Of An Era – The merchant fleets, passenger liners, diminished after the 1950s and 1960s.

End Of An Era – The merchant fleets – passenger liners – diminished after the 1950s and 1960s. Passenger ships, flying European and American flags, such as the United States, France, QE 2, Rotterdam, Lurline, would soon be under foreign flags and served by foreign nationals.  Stewards were no longer young Brits or Italians or French – but from Indonesia ... Read More »

“Oh Susanna” on American President Lines – The first “Love Boat” TV series.

CRUISE LINE HISTORY – “Oh Susanna” – The first “Love Boat” TV series.  Gail Storm starred in a very successful 1950s TV series that featured American President Lines.  It was the preview to the 1970s-1980s TV series, LOVE BOAT, that changed the cruise industry.   Read about APL and going Around The World aboard American President Lines – first class – ... Read More »

The First Class menus for the last meal on the RMS Titanic.

RMS Titanic’s last meal for first class passengers is featured below to to celebrate a milestone in Cruise History commemorating the sinking of the White Star Liner on April 15, 1912.  Cruising the past features the first class menu served to the doomed passengers before the ship struck an ice berg and sunk. With over nine courses, passengers were served ... Read More »