Did the reviews, ratings or the ice berg sink the RMS TITANIC ABC miniseries?

The four-hour telecast from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes launched last Saturday night to a rating that about tied rivals airing crime drama repeats. Titanic had 4.1 million viewers and a 0.8 rating on Saturday, and slightly more (4.2 million, 0.9) for its final hour on Sunday. Reviews were pretty bad, with some criticizing the show for over-stuffing with too many characters and soft-peddling the tragedy (somewhere, James Cameron is smirking, “See? Not as easy as it looks, is it?”).

The UK showing received equally bad reviews and sinking ratings.

Here are comments about the TITANIC miniseries that were made on CRUISING THE PAST…

Terri said…

I finished watching this miniseries, and I had to find out if I was the only one who hated it. So I searched for reviews and found this. Thank goodness it isn’t just me. None of these characters were well enough developed for me to care about them. I found the three episodes leading up to the finale to be incredibly disjointed. I was hoping that the finale would be more satisfying, but it wasn’t. It is hard to believe that something about the Titanic could be this terrible. I’ve seen all the other films, and this is without a doubt the worst production ever.

Jay said…

ABC sucks! Commercials ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Titanic screening…….total, crass commercialism and disrepect for the people and the story and the family members who survive. Gross.

Gina said…

This is a total disappointment to say the least. We had the volume turned up and still couldn’t understand what they were saying. Lots of mumbling. It didn’t need to take 40 minutes to get it across that there was “class clash” between the Irish, English, etc. We got it! What’s even worse is that ABC has 5 minutes of commercials then 5 minutes of show throughout the entire 3 hours. I couldn’t recall a single commercial – we were counting how many there were before the show came back on! Who cares what they were advertising – too much overkill makes the consumer tune out the commercials, ABC! Because of them, trying to get into the story is frustrating. We counted 10 commercials in a row and nearly turned it off. We’ll watch tomorrow night’s conclusion but I wouldn’t sit down and watch this again. My husband said the movie was so much better. He was very disappointed that the interior such as the grand staircase, etc. weren’t shown. I was also. This was more like a soap opera than commemorating the anniversary that affected history. I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Mark said…

wow… was this a boring dud. and there were commercials every other minute. i wanted ABC to sink with the ship. network tv sucks.


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