Airships: A Hindenburg and Zeppelin History Site is honored as Cruising the Past’s Website of the Month.


The Hindenburg at Lakehurst , New Jersey.  Nazi colors – months before its fatal crash.

Airships: A Hindenburg and Zeppelin History Site is honored as Cruising the Past’s Website of the Month. The Hindenburg was the “Titanic” of the sky.

Dan Grossman’s excellent website – – features the best historical look at this fascinating area of transpiration history and the Hindenburg.  There are great photos and terrific images.   Pages and blogs cover marvelous details of the Graf Zeppelin, Hindenburg, U.S. Navy Airships, and other Dirigibles. is filled with information at the technology and science which was expressed by the popular culture of the Machine Age, and which included the wild public enthusiasm for zeppelins in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Dining room aboard the Hindenburg – courtesy of is an historical site and not commercial.

The site is done as a public service and is probably the best academic reference on the subject available in cyberspace.

It is a tribute to Dan’s passion for the subject.

Hindenburg (flying over New York) – Ship of Dreams by Marii Chernev

The website feature’s the finest and most accurate look at the famous Hindenberg – best known for the 1937 disaster that destroyed the great airship in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The “Titanic” of the sky.

Unlike many websites featuring the Hindenberg, is the most detailed and accurate look at the famous dirigible.

There is a complete history of the ship along with great information on the design, interiors, the disaster, famous passengers and Count Ferdinand on Zeppelin.

Dan will be a guest contributor on curisingthepast in the future with wonderful pieces on this ear of the cruising the past.

We urge you to visit Dan’s excellent website: It is a feast of academic research, wonderful images and a great tribute to the Hindenburg.

Click here to see more about the Hindenburg.

Poster from the Robert Wise 1975 film HINDENBURG.



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