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Officers on APL.

Early History of Oldest Continuously Operating U.S. Steamship Company. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company, predecessor of the American President Companies Ltd., was founded in 1848, two years before the transcontinental railroad was completed; its founding at this time provides American President Companies its claim as the oldest continuously operated steamship company in the United States. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company ... Read More »

HOTEL ADLON… the finest hotel in Berlin…


One of the great hotels of the world. Berlin was a port of call by train in 1929 — after sailing from New York to Germany aboard the SS BREMEN. Upon arrival, tourists enjoyed a quick train ride from Hamburg to Berlin and then accommodations at the world famous Adlon Hotel in Europe’s favorite destination in the 1920s. Hotel Adlon ... Read More »



Why has the RMS Empress of Ireland tragedy been forgotten? The sinking of the RMS Empress Of Ireland hit Canada hard and was the worst maritime disaster in Canadian history. Occurring just two years after the RMS Titanic disaster, and a year before the loss of the RMS Lusitania, it is essentially forgotten. Why? The Empress disaster does not have ... Read More »

Panama Pacific Lines… from Los Angeles to New York via the Panama Canal and Havana, Cuba…


Many American flag steamship lines – APL, Matson Lines, Moore-McCormick, Grace Line, etc. – faced the same fate when the US government withdrew their mail and operating subsidies to carry military personnel in the 1960s. The same fate happened to the American railway system in the late 1960s when the US withdrew railway post offices. The result was that the ... Read More »

RMS ATHENIA … first civilian casualty of World War Two…


The first civilian casualty of World War II. The passenger ship was the Anchor-Donaldson liner RMS ATHENIA… which was chartered to the Cunard Line. She was sunk without warning west of Scotland by the German submarine U-30. RMS ATHENIA The German U Boat U-30 had been at sea for several days, under strict orders to avoid contact or discovery. On September ... Read More »



The Italian Line’s SS Rex, launched in 1931, held the westbound Blue Ribbon between 1933 and 1935. The ship was elegant and had beautiful public rooms. It was considered one of the most beautiful liners in the world.  The video chronicles the life and death of this great liner.  The Rex operated transatlantic crossings from Italy with its running mate, ... Read More »

Love Boat star named “Ambassador” for Princess Cruises..


SANTA CLARITA, Calif., May 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Actress Jill Whelan, known as one of the stars of The Love Boat television show, has been named “Celebrations Ambassador” for Princess Cruises, a role that has been created to help spread the message that special occasions become extraordinary when celebrated on one of the company’s cruise ships or in a spectacular destination. ... Read More »

The Union Steamship Company…sailing north from Vancouver to British Columbia coastal towns and islands…

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The Klondike gold rush galvanized the Union Steamship Company to begin operations in Alaska. The company was founded in 1889 by John Darling, the director of a New Zealand shipping company who recognized a great need for a scheduled service that would transport supplies and work crews to various northern BC sites. He also realized there was little competition in ... Read More »