Cary Grant was a big fan of Holland-America Line…   Holland-America Line’s beautiful SS NIEUW AMSTERDAM at the 5th Street Hoboken terminal of the line in 1952. In 1938 one of the most popular and finest ocean liners ever built entered service as the new flagship. SS NIEUW AMSTERDAM (1938), a ship of 36,287 gross tons, remained with the company until ... Read More »


SS NORMANDIE – The greatest luxury liner in history…  The earliest ocean-going vessels were not primarily concerned with passengers, but rather with the cargo that they could carry. Black Ball Line in New York, Advertisement in 1818, was the first shipping company to offer regularly scheduled service from the United States to England and to be concerned with the comfort ... Read More »

THE LOVE BOAT AND PRINCESS CRUISES – History of Princess Cruises – The “first” Love Boat!

Princess Cruises History: Exploring the origin of Princess Cruises and their naming the “Princess” ships. Where did the name of each of their “Love Boat” cruise ships originate? A painting by Michael L. Grace of the first “Love Boat” and original cruise ship of Princess Cruises – the PRINCESS PATRICIA. Ready to sail from Los Angeles, seen docked at the ... Read More »

LOVE BOAT sails into the Sunset…

One of the most famous cruise ships of the modern era, the former Pacific Princess, has made a final voyage to a scrapyard in Turkey. The 42-year-old vessel, recognizable to millions of Americans as the “Love Boat” of 1970s and 1980s television, will be dismantled for its metal and parts. Tiny by today’s standards, the 19,903-ton, 600-passenger ship has been ... Read More »


The Klondike gold rush galvanized the Union Steamship Company to begin operations in Alaska. The company was founded in 1889 by John Darling, the director of a New Zealand shipping company who recognized a great need for a scheduled service that would transport supplies and work crews to various northern BC sites. He also realized there was little competition in ... Read More »

Sending out “SOS” to save the SS United States…

Great video of the SS United States in the early 1960s… Monaco’s Prince Rainier and his princess, the former Hollywood star Grace Kelly, were guests aboard the SS UNIED STATES. Final ‘SOS” – SS United States faces the scrap heap unless more money can be found to save the historic transatlantic cruise liner… She may go the way of Detroit… ... Read More »

Sailing on the SS Lurline to Hawaii – Late 1940s…

Sailing on Matson Line’s SS LURLINE in the 1940s from San Francisco to Honolulu. A wonderful video when “Getting there was half the fun!” The video claims that it is from 1950 but this is actually footage of the Lurline’s maiden voyage from California to Hawaii. Following World War 2, the Lurline was returned to Matson Lines in mid-1946 and ... Read More »

Cruise and Liner History: RMS Titanic survivor remembered… Oscar Palmquist

Cruise and Liner History: RMS Titanic survivor remembered… Oscar Palmquist… Oscar Palmquist, who died mysteriously in Bridgeport in 1925. Family members and Titanic devotees gathered June 29 at a cemetery in Connecticut to remember a local man who survived the Titanic disaster only to die mysteriously more than a decade later. Oscar Palmquist was a Swedish immigrant who lived through ... Read More »

Got $32m? The Motor Yacht CHRISTINA O – Jackie O’s ‘Love Boat’ for sale…

In 2001, the tired-looking vessel was restored to her former glory, and now boasts a mosaic top deck pool which can be converted into a dance floor. If this yacht could talk, one can only imagine the stories it would tell about one of the most high-profile romances of the 20th century. Introducing Christina O, the former yacht of shipping ... Read More »

Cruise Line History – JULY 4TH – INDEPENDENCE DAY aboard ship. From “Russian Caviar” to “Kangoroo Tail Soup” on the High Seas from 1900 until 1938…

Cruise Line History – JULY 4TH – INDEPENDENCE DAY aboard ship. From “Russian Caviar” to “Kangoroo Tail Soup” on the High Seas from 1900 until 1938… Anchor Line’s SS CITY OF ROME – July 4th Menu – 1900 – Russian Caviar United States Lines SS MANHATTAN – July 4th Menu -1937 – Australian Kangaroo Tail Soup Alaska Steamship Company’s SS ... Read More »