Wonderful 16mm Silent home movies taken in the 1950s and 60s of Grace Line 52 passenger cargo ship from New York through the Panama Canal to West Coast South American ports of Buenaventura Columbia, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Lima (Callo) Peru, Mollendo Peru, Arica Chile, Antofagasta Chile ending in Barquito (Chanaral) Chile…  Liner History – The Grace Line Cruise History – THE ... Read More »

SS ALEUTIAN (SS TRADEWIND)… Hawaiian-Pacific’s short bid to compete with Matson Lines during the 1950s with voyages to Hawaii from San Francisco.

Hawaiian-Pacific was hastily organized in 1953 to operate low-price travel to Hawaii from California against its chief competitor, Matson Lines. Matson had the beautiful totally rebuild cruise liner SS Lurline – with air-conditioning, extensive deck space and full first class service.  All ships operating between the US mainland and Hawaii must fly the American flag.  Crews and staff must be ... Read More »

S.S. PRINCESS PATRICIA and the THE FIRST LOVE BOAT to sail from Los Angeles…

S.S. Princess Patricia on her first Princess Cruise – docked in Vancouver – heading south to Los Angeles.  Social History: Exploring the origin of Princess Cruises and their naming the “Princess” ships.  Where did the name of each of their “Love Boat” cruise ships originate? A painting Cruising The Past commissioned of the first “Love Boat” and original cruise ship of ... Read More »

The cargo-passenger ships MV EVITA and MV EVITA PERON offered liner service to Argentina from Europe and the USA. They featured cruises to South America…

Liner and Cruise Line History: Does Madona know that Eva Peron had two ships named after her?  The Argentine cargo-passengers liners were called the MV EVITA and the MV EVA PERON. They were similar in design to the MV JUAN PERON. The ships operated from Argentina (South America) to Europe and the USA.  The ships were streamlined and yacht like. ... Read More »

SAILING ABOARD THE AROSA LINE in the 1950s. Students and immigrants to and from Europe…

A little known shipping service – THE AROSA LINE – it provided Trans-Atlantic service for immigrants, students and families seeking lower fares. The company carried thousands of German and European immigrants to Canada and the USA during the 1950s. Although the company was known as a Swiss organization, all the ships were registered in countries of convenience such as Panama ... Read More »

SS NORMANDIE – The greatest of all trans-Atlantic liners.

THE SS NORMANDIE… crossing the Atlantic and in New York City – 1930s… French Line NORMANDIE – Part One French Line NORMANDIE – Part Two French Line NORMANDIE – Part Three These are probably the finest video available of trans-Atlantic liner service in the late 1930s. Excellent color footage of the French Line’s famous SS NORMANDIE. SS Normandie was an ... Read More »

Union Steam’s luxurious T.S.S. Awatea was the “only way to cross” the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand in the late 1930s!

The T.S.S. AWATEA Cruise History: Far away from the Trans-Atlantic services – “Down Under” – Union Steam Ship Company operated a fleet of excellent passenger ships between Australia and New Zealand until 1960. The Awatea was the ultimate statement in luxurious service and was the only way to cross the Tasman Sea in the late 1930s. Unfortunately, this beautiful jewel ... Read More »


Cruise History and Liner History: Stars aboard the US UNITED STATES… Marlon Brando and Salvidor Dali enjoying after dinner coffee in the First Class Lounge of the SS United States. It’s Captain’s Dinner aboard the SS United States in 1956 in the First Class Dining Room.  And this is the one night Judy Garland left her stateroom. Pictured: Producer Sid ... Read More »

FOX THEATRE DETROIT… Location of the GOP Debates…

The lobby and entrance of the Fox Theatre Detroit – One of the Last Great Movie Palaces. Elvis Presley at the Fox Theatre Detroit.  1950s. The once great industrial capital of the world is home to the FOX THEATRE… one of the last remaining movies palace in the USA. Hear the Mighty Wurlitzer play at the grand Fox Theatre in ... Read More »


Social History and Cruise History – The Grace Line ad in Holiday Magazine 1956 – Cruising was much different in the 1950s.  Looking at the photos, in comparison to today’s ships, you could say it was much more civilized. Cruise History – THE GRACE LINE – In the mid 1800s, the Irish-born Grace brothers, William Russell and Michael, established a ... Read More »