The Bianca C (formerly the La Marseillaise and Arosa Sky) ended up as a diving attraction off the island of Grenada.


The Bianca C, on the ocean floor off the island of Grenada, faces strong tidal currents, making this an advanced deep dive (with a checkout dive required). The top deck lies at 90 feet and most dives proceed around the stern, where you can swim into the pool, visit the wheelhouse on the aft deck and peer down at the ... Read More »



The “Night Ferry” was the first, and until the opening of the Channel Tunnel the only, through train from London to Paris. The “Night Ferry” being loaded to cross the English Channel. The train was made up of sleeping cars provided by the CIWL (Companie Internationale des Wagon-lits or International Sleeping Car Company) of “Orient Express” fame. (Left) The Duke ... Read More »

1938 – SS St. Louis – The Voyage of the Damned…


What was the Coast Guard’s role in the SS St. Louis affair, often referred to as “The Voyage of the Damned”? SS ST LOUIS arrives Havana, Cuba. But never docked in Havana Harbor.  In the years since the end of the Second World War, the exact role of the US Coast Guard in the so-called “Voyage of the Damned” has ... Read More »

Santa Fe’s All-Pullman Streamliner Super Chief… Janet Leigh aboard the Train Of The Stars…


Star of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, Janet Leigh is ready to board the famous SUPER CHIEF and Virginia Leith, star of A KISS BEFORE DYING shows us the all-Pullman train during the 1950s in a wonderful promotional film. Even the characters from TV’s MAD MEN could have been seen aboard the train all through the 1960s. The train was one of ... Read More »


Wonderful 16mm Silent home movies taken in the 1950s and 60s of Grace Line 52 passenger cargo ship from New York through the Panama Canal to West Coast South American ports of Buenaventura Columbia, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Lima (Callo) Peru, Mollendo Peru, Arica Chile, Antofagasta Chile ending in Barquito (Chanaral) Chile…  Liner History – The Grace Line Cruise History – THE ... Read More »

SS ALEUTIAN (SS TRADEWIND)… Hawaiian-Pacific’s short bid to compete with Matson Lines during the 1950s with voyages to Hawaii from San Francisco.

Hawaiian-Pacific was hastily organized in 1953 to operate low-price travel to Hawaii from California against its chief competitor, Matson Lines. Matson had the beautiful totally rebuild cruise liner SS Lurline – with air-conditioning, extensive deck space and full first class service.  All ships operating between the US mainland and Hawaii must fly the American flag.  Crews and staff must be ... Read More »

S.S. PRINCESS PATRICIA and the THE FIRST LOVE BOAT to sail from Los Angeles…

S.S. Princess Patricia on her first Princess Cruise – docked in Vancouver – heading south to Los Angeles.  Social History: Exploring the origin of Princess Cruises and their naming the “Princess” ships.  Where did the name of each of their “Love Boat” cruise ships originate? A painting Cruising The Past commissioned of the first “Love Boat” and original cruise ship of ... Read More »

SAILING ABOARD THE AROSA LINE in the 1950s. Students and immigrants to and from Europe…

Student group visiting Europe aboard the Arosa Kulm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. in the 1950s.

A little known shipping service – THE AROSA LINE – it provided Trans-Atlantic service for immigrants, students and families seeking lower fares. The company carried thousands of German and European immigrants to Canada and the USA during the 1950s. Although the company was known as a Swiss organization, all the ships were registered in countries of convenience such as Panama ... Read More »

ALASKA CRUISE – 1950s – $9.00 a day – FIRST CLASS


1950s ALASKA CRUISE – $9.00 a day First Class… Retro August 1954 look at the final days of the Alaska Steamship Company with a history of the famous organization that provided passenger service to the far north. A fond farewell. The SS Denali ends the era of passenger service for the Alaska Steamship Companyas she makes her final departure and ... Read More »


Social History and Cruise History – The Grace Line ad in Holiday Magazine 1956 – Cruising was much different in the 1950s.  Looking at the photos, in comparison to today’s ships, you could say it was much more civilized. Cruise History – THE GRACE LINE – In the mid 1800s, the Irish-born Grace brothers, William Russell and Michael, established a ... Read More »