Cruise Ship History: Princess Cruise Lines new ad tells it like it is. Cruising by great liners, Pullman trains, 1970s glamor of “Love Boat” compared to the grim reality of air travel today.

Princess Cruises excellent and rather cynical television ad (click on arrow) reminds everyone what we already know about the horrors of air travel as compared to sailing aboard a ship.


The Pullman Company use to have the greatest safety record and so did such venerable companies such as the Santa Fe.

Today, rail travel in America is not a great alternative because it is not safe compared to the past.   Amtrak has accidents annually.

Imagine commuting by train in Los Angeles and Southern California with Metrolink engineers sending text messages when they should be driving the train.

The only way to travel still seems to be by ship and Princess Cruises proves the point dramatically in their excellent video ad.


SS Princess Patricia – The first Princess Cruise Lines ship and first “Love Boat”…


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