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Cruise Ship History: Cunard’s QE2 – Was the famed cruise ship an overrated legend?



Malcolm Oliver’s cruise blog questions the historical significance and legend of Cunard Line’s QE2.  It is interesting reading for anyone interested in cruise line and cruise ship history:

Cunard’s QE2 – An Overrated Legend? by Malcolm Oliver


By the time that you read this the QE2 will have retired and be undergoing the process of being converted to become a hotel in Dubai.

So much has been written about the most famous ship in the world that she became a legend in her own lifetime. I’m sure that legend will just continue to grow and the stories of this palatial icon with the finest food and service will be passed down the generations.  She has a very big fan club, but others were not always quite so impressed, but often remained silent. This because it is almost sacrilege to write something negative about the QE2.  Her army of admirers normally ‘flame’ anyone that disrespects the legend ‘on-line’.  However I’m feeling brave and I’m going to ask the question “Was her reputation bigger than the reality?”

Public Rooms

When you board the QE2 your expectations are probably sky high.  You may well be expecting to board a ‘floating palace’. Her interiors were always in good condition, even at the end of her service. However,  I’m sure that many passengers first thoughts on embarking her for the first time were “Is this it?”

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