Cruise Ship History – Mothers and Children head for the Suez Canal in 1948 aboard the Orient Line’s SS OTRANTO to be with their soldier husbands.


Orient Line’s SS OTRANTO…

British Service dependents, mothers and children, sailed in January 1948 aboard the Orient Line’s “SS Otranto” from Southampton to Egypt and the Suez.

Their husbands were already in the Suez Canal for conflicts at that time.

The mothers, along with their children, and possibly for the first time in their lives, set off alone to be with their soldier fathers.

It was a great adventure and the photographs tell the story.

Service Families on board Orient Line’s SS Otranto bound for Port Said Jan 48…

SS Otranto docks in Valletta Harbor enroute…

SS Otranto’s program for a Children’s Party… 

Baggage Label and Drinks Card…

SS Otranto leaving Suez in 1952 for the United Kingdom…


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  1. I believe I was on the Otranto when it sailed from Southampton to Port Suez as my father was stationed in the Royal Engineers in Cairo at the time. I would like to find the passenger list of the trip.

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