Cruise Ship History: Editor Michael L. Grace’s story on the tragic life of J. P. Morgan’s luxury yacht CORSAIR IV is featured on New York Social Diary.

The steamer yacht Corsair IV, built for J.P. Morgan Jr. in 1930, after its postwar conversion into a cruise ship in the Pacific.

THE TRAGIC LIFE OF CORSAIR IV as featured this week on New York Social Diary…

By Michael L. Grace

J. Pierpont Morgan Jr. could never have imagined his yacht Corsair IV being converted into a deluxe cruise ship whose short career would end in tragedy but it happened.

corsair1vgenoa.jpgcor001.jpgJ.P. Morgan Jr. and his legendary business tycoon father, J. Pierpont Morgan, owned four yachts christened Corsair, and built three of them. Each yacht was bigger, faster, and more comfortable than the preceding one. The Morgan Corsair created major media attention for the times resulting in a legendary quote by the senior Morgan when he was asked how much it cost to operate a boat that size. His quick response: “Sir, if you have to ask that question, you can’t afford it.”

Click here to read all about Michael L. Grace’s (Cruising The Past Editor) article about the tragic life of J. P. Morgan Jr’s CORSAIR IV.

The story and photos were featured on New York Social Diary this week.


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