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Here are a few pages of a wonderful site dealing with the Elder Demster Lines. The ship is the AUREOL… flagship of EDL.

Elder Dempster Lines was one of the UK’s largest shipping companies, and during its 150 year history it operated more than 500 ships. Based in the historic port of Liverpool it was the major shipping line to serve West Africa. As well as its cargo ships Elder Dempster Lines operated three liners on a scheduled service to Ghana and Nigeria.

It employed many people, from its seagoing staff to those personnel in its UK offices and Elder Dempster Agency branches in West Africa. The company had its own Cadet Department to train the deck, engineer, purser, and catering officers of the future. There was a cadet training ship, and Elder Dempster Lines was the first British shipping company to open a purpose-built cadet residential establishment.

These sites tell something of the story of EDs in the 1960s when the company was at its postwar peak.

They provide a snapshot – literally – of the ships, ports, and crews in those heady days, when so many followed a tradition and went to sea. They show a time and a way of life which has gone forever.

Aureol Aureol
Accra Accra and Apapa
Swedru other ED ships
ship cards ship cards
from and to from and to
miscellany miscellany
ephemera ED ephemera
times past earlier ED liners
more ships more ships

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  1. Many happy childhood memories of sailing to & fro to Lagos on leave on the Aureol in the 60s/70s. Would appreciate any information.

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