Happy Halloween aboard the fictional SS ANTONIA GRAZA, IT’S DELOVELY, COSTUMES and DRAG.

The photo is from Ghost Ship (2002) – A horror film directed by Steve Beck. The fictional ship Antonia Graza featured in the movie is based on a real life Italian ocean liner, the SS Andrea Doria, which sank in 1956 after colliding with the MS Stockholm near Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA. The film starred Gabriel Byrne, Julianna Margulies, and Emily Browning.  The film was a dud at the box office, panned by most critics, but the photo above is certainly interesting.

Doomed American liner the SS Independence – Eerie view.

Female Impersonator Charles Pierce with Mark Hamill and his wife.  Many years ago.

A little “drag” for Halloween – It’s Delovely.

West Hollywood revelers were a treat – over 400,000 people attened the annual costume extravaganza.

PIZZA GUY, PIG LIKE FLU AND MAD MEN. Tens of thousands of costumed revelers packed the streets of West Hollywood, California for Halloween night.

For several hours, people strolled up and down Santa Monica Boulevard flaunting their creative costumes for the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.

There was also a costume contest and several secret judges walked through the crowd looking for the evening’s best outfit.

The big crowd meant big traffic backups and that was the case this Halloween with highways and back roads all around Santa Monica Boulevard packed with cars.

But it was an escape from economic woes and the new Great Depression!


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