Sailing First Class to Italy…

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Three young American boys sail first class to Italy aboard the Italian Line’s SS Leonardo da Vinci in the late 1960s…  They are sailing from New York to Italy and will be spending the summer visiting their grand-parents… This kind of cruising or enjoying a liner voyage from port to port will never exist again. You will never meet people ... Read More »

Happy Christmas – Cunard Line


A wonderful look back at a Cunard Line Christmas in 1928… Staff magazine of the Cunard Steamship Company, Christmas 1928 The Cunard Line has a long and fascinating history. It was created in 1839 when Samuel Cunard won the Admiralty’s tender to provide a transatlantic mail service to be carried by steamships between Great Britain and North America. The service ... Read More »

The Movie Palace – from Hollywood to London to Berlin…


A great history of the past. Thousands of wonderful theaters were destroyed by greedy developers. Especially in Los Angeles – where politicians are paid off by developers. Columbus was lucky – the Ohio Theatre is a testimony to true American spririt. The Ohio Theatre – the greatest restored movie palace in the USA. In this 1986 performance at the Ohio ... Read More »

CARNIVAL CORP and cruising to Cuba in 2015…


SS FLORIDA sailed to Havana, Cuba in 1952 for $42.00 per person… A history of taking a cruise to Havana today and yesterday… Florida’s Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company was a pioneer in today’s billion-dollar Florida cruise business. Until Castro’s regime closed Cuba to cruise ships in 1960, the SS FLORIDA was sailing three times a week from Miami. The ... Read More »

PAN AM – When flying was First Class…


From the 1920’s until its demise in 1991, Pan American Airlines symbolized all that was luxurious in air travel. Elite fliers packed some of the first commercial use jumbo jets and were treated to delicious rounds of meals served by bright and beautiful girls in couture uniforms. Celebrities, businessmen and “Rainbow Class” alike jetted-off to far-flung vacation spots across the ... Read More »

Last voyage of the legendary SS NORMANDIE…

SS Normandie...

 Greatest liner to ever “cross the pond” from Europe to America. Wonderful new color film of the elegant Last voyage of the legendary SS NORMANDIE… French Line steamship. Never before seen… August 28, 1939 – The last voyage aboard the SS Normandie. One of the great videos of the greatest liners of all time. The French Line trans-Atlantic liner. Color ... Read More »

The SS UNITED STATES won’t be scrapped – For Now

John Wayne and SS United States Captain ... aboard the  SS UNITED STATES... 1950s.

Supporters of the SS United States have struck a preliminary deal “to protect and repurpose” the Newport News-built ocean liner, a monument to a bygone era seeking new life as a modern waterfront attraction. Details were scarce Monday in an announcement from the SS United States Conservancy, the nonprofit group that owns the ship. However, it was clear more work ... Read More »

The World’s First Cruise Ship…

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The SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise… Built for the Hamburg America Line, she was launched on June 29, 1900 and served as a cruising passenger ship until December 16, 1906 after being accidentally grounded off Jamaica. With cruises targeted toward wealthy travelers, the Victoria Luise was designed to look more like a private yacht than any of her commercial counterparts. She ... Read More »

SOCIAL AND LINER HISTORY: SS Columbus of the North German Lloyd Ship Line


The plans for a German liner to be called “Columbus” had been made as early as 1914 when North German Lloyd had placed orders for two 34,000 ton ships to counter the impressive Hamburg American trio “Imperator”, “Vaterland” and “Bismark”. The North German twins were to be called “Columbus” and “Hindenberg”, but war would postpone their construction by over six ... Read More »