The Dominican Republic Steamship Line and the S.S. Nuevo Dominicano

Following World War 2, many American run steamship companies used older pre-war ships for cruising. In 1952 there were not many ships around and the larger ones were used for year-round trans-Atlantic along with trans-Pacific. There were not jets and many people wouldn’t fly. In May 1948, the S.S. New Northland was sold to the Flota Mercante Dominicana, or Dominican Line, who ... Read More »


Video of Union Pacific Streamliners in the 1930s. Scene 1: CITY OF DENVER arriving in Chicago after making the 1,048 mile trip from Denver in 16 hours. Scene 2: E-2 diesels in 1938 pull the CITY OF LOS ANGELES passenger train in Los Angeles. A Brief History of Union Pacific’s Passenger Trains: Passenger service can be traced back to within ... Read More »


Excellent Italian news video on the TS Michelangelo and TS Raffaello. The end of the 1950s brought many changes to trans-Atlantic steamship service. Jets started service and began to dominate travel from the USA to Europe. Proud ships such as the Cunard Line’s two Queens and French Line’s distinguished old Liberté, built in 1930, sometimes carried close to no passengers ... Read More »


A great video on the SS CATALINA from Cruising The Past! The SS Catalina, also known as The Great White Steamer, was a 301-foot steamship built in 1924 that provided passenger service on the 26-mile passage between Los Angeles and Santa Catalina Island from 1924 to 1975. According to the Steamship Historical Society of America, the Catalina has carried more ... Read More »

THE TSS PASTEUR… a great ocean liner that was officially never in service…

Great youtube video: The “TSS Pasteur” was a special case in ocean liner history. The great liner was never officially in service. It arrived just in time for World War II and saw little passenger service.  The Pasteur was one of the least-documented great liners of its era, yet its interiors were truly magnificent. This video is an excellent collection ... Read More »


Trans-Atlantic History:  Children were provided with everything from carousels to sand boxes.  There were Punch and Judy Shows and children’s hours at the swimming pools.  The younger passengers were watched over by trained nurses.  Costume parties highlighted the trans-Atlantic crossings.  Children dined in private dining rooms. Photos are from great trans-Atlantic liners – 1930s to 1950s…  The French Line, Cunard ... Read More »

RMS Titanic menu sells for $70,000 at auction – The first class menu is dated April 10, 1912

A menu of the first dinner served to first-class passengers on the  RMS Titanic has sold for $70,000 at auction. It was among 400 items being auctioned in Wiltshire, England, as part of the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking in the Atlantic Ocean. (Left: RMS Titanic menu) The opulent menu is dated 10 April 1912, three days before the ... Read More »


Great youTube video on the SS United States from past to present. Here’s some fun 8mm home movies dated 1960 showing the docks at Southampton (or is that Bremerhaven?) and Le Havre as well as shots aboard the ship. Notice in the last shot on the enclosed promenade that the woman is walking against rough seas! Music is by the ... Read More »


CRUISE HISTORY – S.S. President Cleveland, American President Lines, Trans Pacific Route 1949-1950. All footage by 3rd Engineer V.M. Richardson. AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES HISTORY:  1960s composite publicity photo showing three of American President Lines’ handsome trans-Pacific passenger liners. SS President Cleveland, SS President Wilson and SS President Hoover. These modern liners provided regular scheduled service from California to the Orient ... Read More »


Cruising the past: 1936 Nazi Color Film-Berlin in the Year of the Olympic Games. CLICK ABOVE TO PLAY THE COLOR 1936 FILM: Nazi propaganda complete color film from 1936. An outstanding portrait of daily life in Berlin in this rare, well preserved film, with the magical feeling of the pastel colors of Agfachrome.  Strangely, it appears that parts of this ... Read More »

AFTER THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: Enterprise and Prosperity of the Transatlantic Steamship Companies.; The Great Ferries Across the Ocean.

1865 – CRUISE AND TRANS-ATLANTIC HISTORY: Enterprise and Prosperity of the Transatlantic Steamship Companies.; The Great Ferries Across the Ocean. Extensive Preparations and Extra Accommodations for the Summer Travel following the American Civil War. A “travel story” from the New York Times… June 7, 1865 Thousands of our citizens who had no heart for making pleasure trips abroad during the ... Read More »


JULY 2012 – Cruising The Past: Website Of The Month – THE WARD LINE We applaud Michael Andelson’s THE WARD LINE terrific website! The Ward Line is best remembered for the ill-fated Morro Castle of 1930. Andelson’s site not only explores the Morro Castle disaster but gives you a unique history of The Ward Line. Footage from the fire of ... Read More »


Instead of those boring shows presented by the cruise lines – the ship’s should rely on their entertainers.   This is a great video of cast members doing their own show instead of the slop created by dreary “stars” like Barry Manilow. All those cruise lines advertise what great times the passengers are having.   They’re wrong. You use to ... Read More »

SS NORMANDIE – The greatest of all trans-Atlantic liners.

THE SS NORMANDIE… crossing the Atlantic and in New York City – 1930s… French Line NORMANDIE – Part One French Line NORMANDIE – Part Two French Line NORMANDIE – Part Three These are probably the finest video available of trans-Atlantic liner service in the late 1930s. Excellent color footage of the French Line’s famous SS NORMANDIE. SS Normandie was an ... Read More »

Video: Sending out an SOS to save the SS UNITED STATES. The historic United States Lines trans-Atlantic liner was designed by a Philadelphia Main Liner

Video: Sending out an SOS to save the SS UNITED STATES. The historic United States Lines trans-Atlantic liner was designed by a Philadelphia Main Liner. Criuising The Past thanks Ryan Richards and for this excellent story on the SS UNITED STATES. By Ryan Richards (Left) The SS United States as viewed from the second level of the IKEA cafeteria. Photos/video ... Read More »


For over a decade, “Titanic” stood as the world’s top-grossing movie, an epic tale of love, adventure, disaster and sacrifice. When it was made, James Cameron was lauded for his attention to detail and accuracy, but modern technology and new theories are telling a different story of what really happened to the “unsinkable” ship. Smithsonian interviews historians, engineers, and scientists ... Read More »

Is HBO’s THE NEWSROOM just a second rate cable version of the hit movie BROADCAST NEWS or a boring homage to the masterpiece NETWORK. NETWORK?

Social History REVIEW: FIRST REVIEW OF HBO’S THE NEWSROOM.  As a trenchant satire of “trash TV,” Network seems to grow only more relevant with each passing year.   How can THE NEWSROOM be taken seriously after seeing this great Academy Award winner film?    Sam Waterston and Jeff Daniels in THE NEWSROOM. THE “WEST WING” CREATOR tells an alluring new ... Read More »

SS ATLANTIC – The American Banner Lines

SS ATLANTIC – AMERICAN BANNER LINES – From a failed pioneering tourist liner to a celebrated university at sea. American Banner Lines 1957-1958 Arnold Bernstein chartered in the summer of 1948 a passenger ship the CONTINENTAL (ex ANCON of 1902) for four round voyages from New York to Plymouth and Antwerp. In 1950-1951 Arnold Bernstein was involved with the Incres ... Read More »

What Went Wrong on the Costa Concordia?

The sight of behemoth pleasure vessel Costa Concordia sideways in the sea became an indelible image around the world. Here’s the full story of how this entirely avoidable vacation-turned-nightmare unfolded. The surreal sight of the Costa Concordia on Jan. 14, 2012, crippled and capsized off the Italian coast the morning after the accident, became an iconic image worldwide. – AP/Wide World ... Read More »

Burial at sea aboard the SS UNITED STATES in the 1950s…

Cruise Ship History – Burial at sea aboard the SS UNITED STATES in the 1950s. Bodies (passengers and crew) were not transported to the next port until recently. The passengers were buried at sea… Photo of a burial at sea aboard the SS United States in the 1950s. The body pictured here on the promenade deck of the SS United ... Read More »