SS ALEUTIAN (SS TRADEWIND)… Hawaiian-Pacific’s short bid to compete with Matson Lines during the 1950s with voyages to Hawaii from San Francisco.

Hawaiian-Pacific was hastily organized in 1953 to operate low-price travel to Hawaii from California against its chief competitor, Matson Lines. Matson had the beautiful totally rebuild cruise liner SS Lurline – with air-conditioning, extensive deck space and full first class service.  All ships operating between the US mainland and Hawaii must fly the American flag.  Crews and staff must be ... Read More »

Cruise History: SS TRADEWIND – Caribbean Atlantic Line… Mid-1950s… Cruising from Miami to Ensenada via the Panama Canal for $70 and up.

Cruise History: CARIBBEAN ATLANTIC LINE… the SS TRADEWIND… One of the many companies that tried West Coast cruising Acapulco from the 1940s into the early 1960s that didn’t make it.  Princess Cruises was the first company to corner the West Coast market for cruises to Mexico. Caribbean Atlantic was formed in 1954 with head-quarters at Southern Building, Washington, DC. The ... Read More »

1928 – A CUNARD “FAMILY” CHRISTMAS… and a video history of the Cunard Line…

Staff magazine of the Cunard Steamship Company, Christmas 1928 Video History of the Cunard Line The Cunard Line has a long and fascinating history. It was created in 1839 when Samuel Cunard won the Admiralty’s tender to provide a transatlantic mail service to be carried by steamships between Great Britain and North America. The service was inaugurated in 1840 when ... Read More »


CRUISING THE PAST: THE RMS CANBERRA – THE LAST GASP OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE… A great BBC youtube video of the SS CANBERRA returning from the Falklands. For 37 years the SS Canberra was a very familiar sight in Southampton’s Western Docks and in ports the world over, particularly Sydney which, it could be said, has been her second home. ... Read More »

NOTHING CAN GO WRONG by John D. MacDonald and Captain John H. Kilpack… Last great cruise aboard the SS MARIPOSA in 1977…

NOTHING CAN GO WRONG is a wonderful book on the SS Mariposa when, in May 1977, it undertook one of its last long cruises – in this case a 77-day voyage from San Francisco to Leningrad and back again… The elegant all first class liner SS MARIPOSA – sailing in the South Pacific of Pago Pago on a Matson Line ... Read More »


ELDER DEMPSTER & COMPANY – ONE OF THE UK’S LARGEST SHIPPING COMPANIES… In 1868 John Dempster went into partnership with Alexander Elder, the brother of the eminent Glasgow shipbuilder, John, to act as Liverpool agents of the British and African Steam Navigation Company of Glasgow. The company’s vessels were constructed in John Elder’s Fairfield Yard, in Glasgow. The British and ... Read More »

DECEMBER 7th – “The day that will live in infamy!” America at war and at sea. Matson Line’s SS Lurline…

Cruise History and Liner History: The SS Lurline was half way from Honolulu to San Francisco on 7 December 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The SS Lurline made her destination safely, cruising at maximum speed, and soon returned to Hawaii with her Matson sisters SS Mariposa and SS Monterey in a convoy laden with troops and supplies.  December ... Read More »


Walt Disney loved ships.  He sailed with his family aboard many ships.  Disney is seen with his wife and daughters arriving in Honolulu aboard the Matson Lines famed liner SS LURLINE having just arrived from Los Angeles. Disney Cruise Lines carries on this tradition…    CRUISE REVIEW OF THE DISNEY FANTASY When Disney Dream debuted in January 2011, it was ... Read More »

The Old Fall River Line – Everyone from presidents to swindlers sailed the Sound on “Mammoth Palace Steamers” in the heyday of the side wheelers.

Cruise History – The Old Fall River Line – Everyone from presidents to swindlers sailed the Sound on “Mammoth Palace Steamers” in the heyday of the side wheelers and night boats.   The Fall River Line was a combination steamboat and railroad connection between New York City and Boston that operated between 1847 and 1937. It consisted of a railroad journey ... Read More »


1937 CRUISE – NEW YORK TO NOVA SCOTIA ABOARD EASTERN STEAMSHIP COMPANY 1937 CRUISE – NEW YORK TO NOVA SCOTIA ABOARD EASTERN STEAMSHIP COMPANY From Youtube: home movies, a trip to Nova Scotia leaving from Pier 18 in NYC. (Some notes indicate it may be 1937.) We see Yarmouth and Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia, some large passenger ships, some of ... Read More »

RMS CARONIA – The most famous liner in cruising history… she was the “millionaires yacht”! Cunard Line History…

  Famous comedian Oliver Hardy (Laurel and Hardy) is interviewed abroad Cunard Line’s RMS Caronia on a TV show in 1950.  He is sailing with his wife from New York to Europe.  They departed on June 10, 1950.  Hardy was joining partner, Stan Laurel, to make a new film in France. The Cunard Line’s RMS Caronia arrives in Sydney, Australia ... Read More »

GREAT LINERS – The wonderful memories…

Cruise Ship History – The great ocean liners are now just memories on films. From Cunard Line to the French Line these great youTUBE videos from newsreel footage and home movies keep the memories alive! Read More »

HOLLAND AMERICA LINE – in the late 1930s

Experience the Holland America Liner Volendam through color home movies shot aboard a crossing in 1937.  Bon Voyage! The SS VOLENDAM…  For more great cruise videos check out: Read More »

Harry Chandler’s LASSCO… The Los Angeles Steamship Company and the Los Angeles Times connection…

A 10-piece orchestra of elementary students serenades Times Publisher Harry Chandler. The students also visited Mayor Frank Shaw and school Supt. Frank A. Bouelle. 1936.   The LA Times Harry Chandler and competitor William Randolph Hearst in 1930. Cruise History: Great book published by the Steamship Historical Society of America features company founded by Harry Chandler, Los Angeles Times publisher, ... Read More »