Murder, suspicious deaths and disappearing at sea aboard liners from Cunard to Union-Castle have made cruise history.   The romantic decks of “The Love Boat” can be a very dangerous place. As for cruising the past, history finds there were two or three murders supposedly linked to Cunard Line’s RMS Queen Mary before WW 2.  Another murder druing the during the ... Read More »

1938 – SS St. Louis – The Voyage of the Damned…


What was the Coast Guard’s role in the SS St. Louis affair, often referred to as “The Voyage of the Damned”? SS ST LOUIS arrives Havana, Cuba. But never docked in Havana Harbor.  In the years since the end of the Second World War, the exact role of the US Coast Guard in the so-called “Voyage of the Damned” has ... Read More »

The LOS ANGELES STEAMSHIP COMPANY… USC rooters heading north for Stanford game on the SS YALE!


 They called them the “White Flyers of the Pacific.”  Overnight by sea between Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco… USC rooters heading north from Los Angels to San Francisco on the SS Yale for the Stanford/USC football game.  The sister ships Yale and Harvard were the fastest steamships on the California coast. Between 1911 and 1936—with a few years ... Read More »

COASTAL SHIPS – from Vancouver to British Columbia ports and Alaska… the Union Steamship Company…

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The Klondike gold rush galvanized the Union Steamship Company to begin operations in Alaska. The company was founded in 1889 by John Darling, the director of a New Zealand shipping company who recognized a great need for a scheduled service that would transport supplies and work crews to various northern BC sites; he also realized there was little competition in ... Read More »

Social History: 1940s Promotional Film Shows Chicago From Another Era…


From United Airlines to Rock Island Streamliners to Cruise-Ships… Incredible film produced by the Chicago Board Of Education gives an aerial and ground tour of Chicago during the 1940s where it shows the city’s former industrial areas, its educational institutions and art deco skyline.  Chicago – A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education on Vimeo. Click on above to watch ... Read More »

The Pullman Porters…


They made beds and cleaned toilets. They shined shoes, dusted jackets, cooked meals and washed dishes. Yet the Pullman porters created history in the face of adversity and racial prejudice. They helped form the foundation for the black middle class, and became instrumental in the civil rights movement. Follow two former porters as they travel from their homes in Seattle ... Read More »

SS HARVARD – California’s night boat from Los Angeles to San Francisco went aground in 1931…

SS-Harvard-May-30-1931-3 copy

On May 31, 1931 the passenger steamship SS Harvard went aground off Point Arguello, California. The Harvard was running its regular schedule between San Francisco and Los Angeles with 500 passengers when it went hard aground during the night in heavy fog. The sea was calm and there was no panic among the passengers. The Harvard’s lifeboats were lowered and ... Read More »

SS UNITED STATES – The last American liner still afloat. But for how long?

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Best-selling author and illustrator David Macaulay made a case last Thursday for saving the SS United States, a once-majestic ocean liner that has been deteriorating for years at a pier along the Delaware River. It’s “a unique object, a symbol of time in American history that we’ve sort of long since passed,” Macaulay said in a telephone interview. “It’s important ... Read More »

TITANIC HISTORY – At least it won’t sink: Former headquarters of RMS Titanic’s White Star Line transformed into luxury hotel…


The former headquarters of the White Star Line – the shipping company which built and operated the ill-fated RMS Titanic liner – have been transformed into a luxury hotel thanks to a £5.5million renovation, pictured above. The hotel now boasts 65 lavish apartments which will house up to 310 guests across 11 floors… The former headquarters of the shipping company ... Read More »

Cruise Ship Firsts Through History…


Cruises as we know them today are really only about 50 years old, but the tradition goes back more then a hundred years when passengers started booking travel on mail ships crossing the Atlantic… These cargo vessels evolved into the grand ocean liners whose names we still remember: Lusitania, Titanic, Queen Mary. Now the cruise lines are always competing to ... Read More »