Cruise and Liner History: THE BOOTH LINE from LIVERPOOL SHIPS.

The HILARY sailing up the Amazon.

The Booth Steamship Company’s HILARY of 1931 operated the Booth Line service from Liverpool to Manaus, 1,000 miles up the AMAZON.

Ordering the passenger-cargo liner HILARY at the height of the depression was a mark of considerable faith by the Booth Line, and the placing of the order locally on Merseyside was much appreciated.

The HILARY in her original form with a black hull and a funnel without the houseflag…

The HILARY was launched on 17th April 1931 and was completed by August. She sailed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Para and Manaus on 14th August, The new HILARY could easily be recognized by her distinctive three-note triple-chime steam whistle.

Passengers on the promenade viewing the Amazon.

The public rooms were elegant and dramatic for the cargo-passenger liner.

First-class single-berth rooms were on the promenade deck, double and three-berth on the upper deck, and there were four de-luxe rooms with private bath and toilet.

The third-class passengers were accommodated in two and four-berth cabins on the main deck, in compliance with Portuguese emigrant ship requirements.

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  1. JUST FOUND THIS SITE as I was researching an envelope and letter that I found in my collection, it was posted from Kendal on the 11.9.1936 to a Mr G Binch who was a wireless operator on RMS Hilary. It is posted to him in Lisbon, the letter mentions that he will make Liverpool in 2 weeks time, so they mustve been on their way back.

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