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Scrapping The Old Luxury Liner Berengaria (1938)


Scrapping The Old Luxury Liner Berengaria (1938)

Newsreel footage of scrapping the great Cunard Line’s BERENGARIA (1938).

It was a glorious time, a time when the high seas of the North Atlantic were alive with behemoths of steel designed by men of vision and built by men of iron. The great ships of the post dawn 20th century, the ships of Cunard, White Star, Nordeutscher Lloyd, and Hamburg Amerika became the epitome of their breed; from which all others that followed would be fashioned and compared; though rarely surpassed. It was the era of the legends, of the greatest and most luxurious ocean liners to ever sail the seas…

To read more please CLICK HERE for a complete history of the SS Imperator / RMS Berengaria. You will be directed to a terrific website dedicated to this great ship.  Photos and stories are brilliant.  One of the best websites devoted to a famous liner on the internet.



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