SS UNITED STATES – 1952 – Five Nights at Sea – from New York to Europe – First Class fares $350 and up…

sus.jpgIn 1952 the United States Lines advertised the July 3 maiden voyage of the new SS UNITED STATES. First Class fares started at $350 or $70 a night including deluxe accommodations, meals and transportation from New York to Europe. Similar accommodations on any trans-Atlantic ship today would be way over $350 a night. The SS AMERICA offered first class fares starting at $295. Both ships had tourist class fares for $165 or $33 a night. As Cole Porter wrote… “Times Have Changed…”unitedstatesline.jpg
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SS United States
Flying Bridge 360°

Engine Room 360°

Across Time 360°
Grand Staircase 360°


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