World War II Canadian Pacific Railway Coastal Night Boat Schedule.

World War II Canadian Pacific Princess Lines Schedule issued in 1944.  Memorial Day cruising the past looks at probably the only coastal passengers ships operating during World War II.  Seattle residents were fortunate because they could head north to Victoria and Vancouver by boat.   These schedules show operations between Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria.  Many of the services were suspended because of the war, including service to Alaska and night boat service between Seattle and Victoria.

The PRINCESS ELIZABETH was built by the Fairfield Co. of Glasgow, Scotland, for the B.C. Coast Service of the Canadian Pacific Railway. She was put into service in 1930 and was in service until 1959.

Empress of Asia docked (left) at Pier B-C and Princess Joan at Pier D. in 1934

Schedules and details for 1944 – wartime service.

Services canceled because of the war.


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